OpenDr 0.1

Key feature:

  • Camera - 175° Field of view Fisheye Low Light Camera module

  • Teleoperate - Powered by 5G SA (Standalone) network with low latency and high bandwidth connection

  • Speed - Speed limit is 5 km/h, which is similar to human walking speed

  • Battery capacity - li-ion battery with capacity 258wh. Charging cost not more than S$0.10* for a single battery charge. Single charge can last for 8 hours of continous operation. (* based on S$0.25 per kwh)

  • Communication - Operators can communicate with people on the sidewalk in real time, just like making a phone call.

  • Hardware Security - Real-time tracking of robot positioning by Google fused location provider API

  • Network Security - World class network connection between localhost and remote device via advance technique called UDP hole punching.

  • Safety - Continous temperature and voltage monitoring system. Auto cut off the power when reach the preset threshold.

  • Computing Platform - Raspberry Pi 4 model B+ 8gb

  • Controller - STMicroelectronics STM32F103RCT6, 32bit ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller

  • Rain proof - Robot works perfectly under the sunny day or works even under moderate rain.